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Does your practice follow the WSAVA vaccination guidelines?

Does your practice offer titre testing between core vaccinations?

Does your practice use VacciCheck to check that the core vaccinations have worked?

Are your clients enquiring about titre testing?



VacciCheck is a titre test that measures the antibody levels in the blood.  The test helps reduce vaccination failure, prevents over-vaccination and helps the vet to determine when it is best to stop a cat or dog needing their annual booster.

Why titre test?

The veterinary industry agrees that vaccines are necessary but the frequency in which they are administered is often debated. In particular, the recommendation to administer core vaccines to adult dogs and cats at 3 year intervals (or longer) rather than annually resulted in differences of opinions among veterinarians.

It has now been shown that duration of immunity after vaccination with MLV vaccines is 9 years or longer, based on challenge and serological studies (Schultz et al. 2010), meaning revaccination every 3 years may be unnecessary if the animal has an existing protective level of immunity.

VacciCheck is a rapid and affordable option to check the titre levels for the core diseases that are vaccinated against. It provides easy to interpret results which determine whether the animal has a protective level of immune response or whether they need revaccination.

The WSAVA Guidelines state that an measurable immune response indicates a protective level of antibodies. If animals have had the recommended kitten/puppy initial vaccination course, research now indicates that they should show a positive immune response for a number of years without revaccination.

With high sensitivity and specificity, VacciCheck is designed to ensure that animals are protected whilst avoiding unncessary medical intervention.

The Benefits

There are a number of ways VacciCheck can be beneficial to determine a dog or cat's antibody titre levels of the 3 core diseases:

  • To determine when it is optimal to end the vaccine series
  • After a dog or cat vaccination to indicate immunisation success was achieved
  • To determine if a booster is required
  • To ascertain existing protection for a lapsed dog or cat vaccination program
  • To test a stray/abandoned puppy’s/dog’s and kitten’s/cat’s titre
  • Can be used as part of an annual health check program
  • Can help with minimising the risk of adverse effects of vaccinations
  • Reduces the risk of over-vaccination
  • Results available within 30 minutes.


For dogs

For cats

•Infectious Hepatitis (ICH) •Panleukopenia (FPLV)
•Parvovirus (CPVH) •Herpes Virus (FHV)
•Distemper (CDV) •Calici Virus (FCV)




Please note that we cannot sell VacciCheck to pet owners

Feel free to request the details of the nearest practice to your address that offers VacciCheck testing. Our google map has the most up-to-date list and location of practices offering VacciCheck testing: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1vDA5Puny5D0a7XR0jH-SamuG3ZY 

We are also happy to contact the practice that you are currently registered at pass on the information for VacciCheck - many practices are happy to offer this test to their owners once they find out more about it. If you email us with your name, the names of your animal(s) and the name of the practice then we will get in touch.

VacciCheck UK has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/vaccicheckuk