Commenced use of VetGold twice a day. Showed great improvement within 48 hours and continued to improve over the next four weeks. The scab on the leg has practically gone... continued
(VETGOLD) Mrs P J Sallis, Heathside Veterinary Practice
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Welcome to CVC

Complete Veterinary Care (CVC) was founded with the aim to provide products and services to the veterinary profession, aiming to reduce costs and generate revenue. 

We believe in quality and value for money which is why we provide a wide range of products and services to benefit every veterinary practice and laboratory.

We provide disposable veterinary equipment (PiC) and specific surgical instruments (Starbro, Freelance) aimed at reducing overhead expenses for veterinary practices without having to compromise on quality. 

We also provide SPOT, a complete allergy service, enabling veterinary practices to offer an allergy testing and treatment service in-house rather than referring the case to a specialist.

Vet Gold
Our Products

We also supply a range of in-house diagnostic test kits (Biogal) that can run without specific laboratory equipment, perfect for veterinary home visits and reducing result times.  VacciCheck is perfect for measuring titre levels and determining vaccination status in cats and dogs.  ImmunoComb provides quantitative and semi quantitative results for diseases such as FIP, Avian Chlamydophila and Canine Parvo while the ImmunoRun is a rapid lateral flow test giving results for FeLV, FIV, Parvo and Distemper within minutes.

We are the UK distributor for large animal diagnostic kits (Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova), based in Sweden.

VetGold is the first Dead Sea mineral product specifically produced for animals and we are constantly amazed by its healing properties and steroid free approach to many skin related problems.  

BooBooLoon is an air cushioned pet recovery collar which is easy to place and secure on dogs, cats and rabbits.  Wearing recovery collars can be quite traumatic for any animal coming out of anesthetic but with the BooBooLoon, vision is not impaired, the animal can eat, sleep and drink without any problems

We hope this website will provide you with all the information you need to benefit from our range of products and services.

London Vet Show 2015

London Vet Show will be held in London between 19th and 20th November 2015.

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New Molecular Detection Kits

PCRun is a faster, more affordable & accessible PCR system for your needs.  PCRun is flexible, meaning it can be used in small animal veterinary lab and/or clinic.  There is no expensive equipment needed for PCRunTM.  You simply purchase the kits only.  The whole PCRunTM detection process is no longer than 75 minutes.

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VacciCheck UK - Facebook page

We have introduced a new UK Facebook page designed just for VacciCheck.

Please feel free to watch the videos, look and share the information, ask us questions or to request the nearest vet practice to you that offers VacciCheck titre testing. 

The link is: www.facebook.com/vaccicheckuk

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