"Thankyou for the samples of VetGold cream given at [BSAVA] Congress and via post. I am trialling the cream on two patients: one dog with a lick granuloma and one with recurring... continued
(VETGOLD) Nadine Rendall, Heathside Vets
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Welcome to CVC

Complete Veterinary Care (CVC) was founded with the aim to provide a range of high quality and excellent value for money products and services to the veterinary profession, aiming to reduce costs whilst improving animal health and allowing vets and labs to provide the best possible service to clients across the UK. 

Our quick, simple and cost effective allergy service from Spectrum Labs allows a practice to run allergy tests for 91 UK Specific allergens with just one 3ml serum sample, and can include up to 24 allergens in a single treatment set.

Our disposable veterinary equipment (PiC) are aimed at reducing overhead expenses for veterinary practices and laboratories without having to compromise on quality. 

We also supply a range of in-house diagnostic test kits, from Biogal Galed Labs, that allow a practice or laboratory to run quick tests with high sensitivity and specificity, without the need for laboratory equipment. VacciCheck is a simple and affordable titre test, designed to monitor serological status to enable informed vaccination decisions. CVC offer in-house kits or a sample submission service. ImmunoComb allows a practice to run in-house ELISA test for a variety of diseases, with results within an hour. ImmunoRun is a cost effective rapid lateral flow test, giving sensitive and specific results for a variety of diseases within minutes.

Vet Gold
Our Products


VetGold is the first Dead Sea product purposely developed for application on animals. The VetGold cream and spray are an all-natural product that can be purchased over-the-counter and are designed to promote the natural healing of dry, damaged and irritated itchy skin.  

We are also the UK distributor for the exemplary large animal diagnostic kits from Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova. 

We hope this website will provide you with all the information you need to benefit from our range of products and services. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like any more information.

New Molecular Detection Kits

PCRun is a faster, more affordable & accessible PCR system for your needs.  PCRun is flexible, meaning it can be used in small animal veterinary lab and/or clinic.  There is no expensive equipment needed for PCRunTM.  You simply purchase the kits only.  The whole PCRunTM detection process is no longer than 75 minutes.

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VacciCheck UK - Facebook page

We have introduced a new UK Facebook page designed just for VacciCheck.

Please feel free to watch the videos, look and share the information, ask us questions or to request the nearest vet practice to you that offers VacciCheck titre testing. 

The link is: www.facebook.com/vaccicheckuk

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ImmunoComb Feline Coronavirus (FIP)

ImmunoComb Feline Coronavirus (FIP) internal control has changed and is due to start from the end of February/beginning of March.

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