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Complete Veterinary Care is a distribution company that brings excellent quality, cost effective products into the UK from suppliers around the world. We seek to provide a first class, friendly and efficient service that builds a personable relationship with each of our clients. We are happy to answer any queries or provide further information about any of our products - please contact us on the email addresses provided. We are also happy to arrange a visit to your practice or lab to discuss products face-to-face - please contact us on the email addresses provided to arrange a date and time that best suits you. 


Our cat, Alice, was about 8 months old when we acquired her and she had worn an E.Collar since before we knew her. She suffered with terrible allergies and would sometimes scratch so badly that we had to sedate her to stop her. We were trying to treat her with a variety of drugs, steroid creams and skin care mousses, but she was never comfortable. Alice would not let us fuss her and spent her time either curled up in the litter tray or on top of a large cardboard box. We decided to test Alice with SPOT Platinum and start her on hyposense treatment, and she has made steady improvement ever since. She is now out of her E. Collar, something we have never been able to do without her making a mess of herself in seconds. She cuddles with us and plays with us and interacts with the other cats. Without the test, vaccine and your support, undoubtedly Alice would have been put to sleep, as she was so unhappy and her symptoms were impossible to control. We can't thank you enough for giving this wonderful little girl her quality of life back.


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Our mission is to provide the veterinary profession with top quality laboratory and disposable equipment, services and products, providing value for money.

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We are committed to giving you excellent service and quality, which means you can always rely on us to be there when you need us.