Here are some recent testimonials.

Our cat, Alice, was about 8 months old when we acquired her and she had worn an E.Collar since before we knew her. She suffered with terrible allergies and would sometimes scratch so badly that we had to sedate her to stop her. We were trying to treat her with a variety of drugs, steroid creams and skin care mousses, but she was never comfortable. Alice would not let us fuss her and spent her time either curled up in the litter tray or on top of a large cardboard box. We decided to test Alice with SPOT Platinum and start her on hyposense treatment, and she has made steady improvement ever since. She is now out of her E. Collar, something we have never been able to do without her making a mess of herself in seconds. She cuddles with us and plays with us and interacts with the other cats. Without the test, vaccine and your support, undoubtedly Alice would have been put to sleep, as she was so unhappy and her symptoms were impossible to control. We can't thank you enough for giving this wonderful little girl her quality of life back.


Several months ago we were given some VetGold cream by WVS for use in our clinic and we have been using it on a dog called Joe who was rescued when he was in the advanced stages of Leishmania. We did not think that Joey would make it but he defied the odds and showed huge improvement with his medication but the Leishmania took its toll on his nose and over the last 2 years we have used every cream available to treat it until we got the VetGold and found it made a huge difference. We used it for several months and the improvement was amazing. We have also been using the cream on a dog with confirmed Pemphigus Foliaceus. Again it won't cure the dogs problem but it has helped to heal her lesions.

(VETGOLD) Louise at Nowzad Dogs Charity - Rescuing Stray & Abandoned Animals in Afghanistan.

Commenced use of VetGold twice a day. Showed great improvement within 48 hours and continued to improve over the next four weeks. The scab on the leg has practically gone and the dog is not biting the leg anymore. Hair is beginning to repair on the area."

(VETGOLD) Mrs P J Sallis, Heathside Veterinary Practice

"Thankyou for the samples of VetGold cream given at [BSAVA] Congress and via post. I am trialling the cream on two patients: one dog with a lick granuloma and one with recurring allergic padodermatitis. We have had excellent results with the management of the lick granuloma, and await exams results for the second dog."

(VETGOLD) Nadine Rendall, Heathside Vets

I swear by VetGold for my animals. One of my dogs, Lola, has allergies and although she is having injections to combat this, she still scratches and irritates her skin. I apply VetGold every evening and within 12 hours her red crusty skin has been soothed and has started to heal already.

(VETGOLD) Gemma Pye: Pet Owner

We have been using VetGold for a while at Southend and have been very pleased with the results. We are using it routinely where we have open wounds that need dressing, but we don't want a steroid to delay wound healing. We tend to use it where previously we would have thought of Fucidin ointments or gels. One case that comes to mind is an old German Shepherd that had an ulcerating tumour on his ventral abdomen, which he chewed off leaving an open wound that wouldn't heal. The owners were against any surgery due to the age of the dog, and only wanted palliative treatment. We used Vetgold ointment and oral antibiotics, and contrary to our expectations the wound granulated, epithelialised and healed! The owners were very pleased.

(VETGOLD) Gareth (Vet @ Medivet)

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