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Nextmune Allergy Service

We offer the Nextmune UK allergy service, with the Nextlab allergy test and corresponding Artuvetrin immunotherapy. Nextmune are considered global leaders in dermatology, allergy testing and immunotherapy and work closely with a range of dermatology key opinion leaders and specialists in order to provide expert advice for all allergy cases. The Nextlab serum test is a leading serum test technology using monoclonal antibodies and CCD blockers. This technology is used and recommended by dermatologists since it can provide a more sensitive and specific test, facilitating more reliable results with fewer false positives.


Nextmune Allergy Service
Nextmune Allergy Service


Nextlab screens provide a cost-effective solution if you suspect allergic disease. The results will show you either a single positive or a negative result to each mixed allergen panel. You can then investigate further if desired, by expanding any positive allergen panel to gain individual allergen results. This provides an economic method for allergen investigation identification and, following expansion of any panels with positive results, is an excellent precursor to allergen-specific immunotherapy and targeted allergen avoidance.

The Nextlab complete environmental test for dogs and cats includes 38 UK specific allergens and the complete food test for dogs and cats includes 23 allergens. You have the option to test just environmental, just food, or run a complete test for both.

To submit a sample, all you need is 1-2ml serum in a clear or brown top tube, posted to the address on the top left-hand corner of the submission form. Results will be emailed within 7 working days. Results are easy to interpret and will include individualised ASIT treatment recommendations.




Artuvetrin therapy is the preferred ‘Allergen Specific Immunotherapy’ vaccine treatment for Nextmune. Artuvetrin is the only licensed ASIT treatment in Europe and is clinically proven (up to 75% efficacy), safe and dermatologist recommended. As such, it is considered the gold standard in treating the underlying cause of allergy symptoms. The accuracy of the Nextlab test means vaccines typically include 1-8 allergens, allowing for increased allergen concentrations for enhanced efficacy. Vaccines formulated with allergens identified by the Nextlab Test can include up to 8 allergens per vial, with most patients rarely needing more than 1 vial per treatment. Artuvetrin can be used alongside other symptomatic medications such as oclacitinib, lokivetmab and prednisolone.

To order a treatment set, all you need to do is email CVC with the patient’s name and the treatment option that you would like for them. We will then send very easy step-by-step instructions for how to apply for the import certificate - once that has been applied for and sent to us, the treatment set should be with you within 10 days.


CVC endeavour to provide an efficient and personalised allergy service for each patient and will be readily available to support you with each case. We have access to support from Nextmune’s team of Dermatology Specialists and Opinion Leaders, including Dr Sue Paterson and Dr Thierry Olivry, and can provide access to a wide range of educational content for your team to improve knowledge on allergy testing, immunotherapy and dermatology case management.